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The Gas Equipments our company engages in are:

  • American Algas warm water Vaporizer and Mixer.
  • Denmark KASON Electric Vaporizer.
  • Japanese - Korean SVL Jingang servers explosion-proof Electric Vaporizer.
  • Japanese LTO KOKI Liquid Change-over Valve and Gas Change-over Valve.
  • Japanese MIYARI Ball valve , Globe valve Change-over valve.
  • American Fisher REGO Regulator.
  • Italician NP Series LPG Dispenser.
  • Australian EBSRAY Liqid Pump around Pump.
  • European SAFE series CNG compressor and Dispenser.









Supply for you: a series of qualified LPG natural and forced vaporization equipment. Just call us.

Denmark KOSAN, Japanese KAGLA, American SAMDIK;

Electric vaporizers 25-50-100-150-200kg/hr; Hot water circle aporizers 500-750-1000kg/hr;

Small wall-hanging and hot water circle vaporizers:

30-50kg/hr, no electric consumption, little space need, with a liquid change-over device;

Change-over valves: Japanese automatic change-over valves, with a regulator, for gas:

8-50-70kg/hr, for liquid: 200-300kg/hr;


American, Japanese first-stage, second-stage regulators, 20-50-100-200-300-1000kg/hr;

Japanese ball valves, stop valves, safe valves, strainers, emergencystop valves: DN15-200;

Liquid meters:
Japanese RICOH, YAZAKI, American EQUI: 2.5-5-10- 15-30-50-100m/hr;

Combination Devices:

American LPG/air combination devices, LPG compressor, european and American large gas-burning and water heater furnace;


German and American gas/light oil, gas/heavy oil, gas, AH series of burner device.

Gas Equipment of YWH high quality ,
warm services, good credability

  In order to develop the oil and gas industry of china. We recommend the international advanced equipment on oil chemical industry and gas industry to the corporations whose products are bound up with gas and oil chemistry. What`s more , we welcome all the corporations on the chemistry , the gas and the oil to popularize your advanced products to the companies in china.
   Your homepage will be welcomed to be published in our web freely and we will link it to your web !

American Vaporizors 1000kg/hr Japanese Vaporizors 150kg/h
Denmark Vaporizors 100kg/hr European water heater furnace
A small vaporization station A Japanese Change-over Regulator 50kg/hr
Japanese Valves American AH seriese Burner

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